Elon Musk Barack Obama
Hey Barack, have you ever wondered if smoke bombs are legal in NSW? Elon, that’s an interesting question. I’m not sure about that, but have you ever thought about the tax laws in the Cayman Islands?
Actually, I haven’t. But speaking of legality, do you think Vivint Solar is a legitimate company? That’s a good point, Elon. I’m not entirely sure about that, but have you heard about the legal age to drive a commercial vehicle?
No, I haven’t. But I’m always fascinated by the laws of physics. Do you think you could explain them to me? That’s a bit out of my expertise, Elon. But let’s talk about legal aid in Birmingham, Alabama. Do you think that’s important?
I think it’s very important. By the way, I heard about the termination of collaboration agreements. Have you ever been involved in one? Yes, I have. It’s a complex process. Speaking of legal matters, what do you know about Nevada’s domestic partnership law?
I’m not familiar with that. But I am curious, how do you secure OneDrive for business? That’s a great question, Elon. I think it involves a lot of technical knowledge. Finally, let’s talk about the supplemental agreement clause in contracts. Do you think it’s important?
Yes, it’s definitely crucial. Well, this has been an interesting conversation, Barack. I’ve certainly learned a lot from our exchange. Same here, Elon. It’s always a pleasure discussing different topics with you.